SENIOR d.o.o. was founded in 2009 with sole objective to acquire the concession for the natural stone quarry in Vrsine, Croatia, Splitsko-dalmatinska county, with the idea to produce the best natural stone in the region. Concession was acquired in 2014, for next 33 years. We have established partnership with Pacific Marble and Granite group. This allowed us to reach the Asian market (China, Hong Kong, Singapore etc) for the high end building projects (hotels, villas, business centers, shopping malls).




After discussion with well known architects and developers, we have decided to give a particular name to our Vrsine limestone. We have decided to call it – VERTIGO – due to its peculiar structure which can be seen when stone is polished. You can watch it from each side of the tile or slab and you will always be surprised by its natural beauty with residues that creates the specific perception like whirlpool or simply VERTIGO. Physical and mechanical properties with high strength, high density, low water absorption makes this stone applicable for broad utilization, from interior (floors, walls, tiles, bathrooms, shelves) to exterior (facades, swimming pools, floors). Many of architects have already fell in love with the stone, and it can be seen in various applications in Croatia and worldwide.

With rough finishes, VERTIGO stone becomes very white, especially when exposed to sunshine. This makes it ideal for external use on pavements, facades, fountains, swimming pools, sculptures etc. With polished or honed finish, VERTIGO stone becomes light beige which makes it beautiful for internal utilization on floors, bathrooms, walls, table-tops<>



Vrsine quarry produces the high quality white limestone. Total exploatation area is 16 hectares, and first phase exploatation is on 6 Ha. Stone reserves of the first phase quarry are estimated to 130.000 m3. According to current mining project the possible yearly production is estimated to 4000 m3/year.


We can offer broad range of products from blocks (first, second, third category), slabs, cut-to-size tiles, window frames, columns, table-tops, etc. which can be delivered in standard sizes or fully customized according to client needs.
Furthermore, we can offer full range of stone & marble from our partners Pacific Marble and Granite

Beauty of the stone can be seen through various finishes, from polishing, water jetting, honing etc. We can deliver various finishes together with our partners locally or with our partners in Hong Kong.



Hotel OLA, Seget Donji, Croatia

Monument on Krk Island, Croatia

Quay in Tkon, Croatia

Villas in Dubrovniku, Croatia

Xiamen business centar, China

Villa on Brac Island, Croatia

Villa in Bibinje, Croatia


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